“I have vision, leadership ability and a commitment to lead Rialto through what will be a time of great opportunity,” 

“We are facing challenges now, so it’s important to have strong leadership to steer us through them.”

Robertson says she wants to continue closing the achievement gap in schools, push for infrastructure and transportation improvements, boost job creation and provide a hospitable business environment.

“My top priority as mayor will be to strengthen Rialto’s economic base,” Robertson continued. “We need to build up our revenue, so we can provide all of our citizens public safety, quality businesses and the other essentials of a good life in Rialto.”

She called Rialto a ‘logistics powerhouse” critical to the movement of goods from west coast ports to the east and beyond.

“The possibilities are endless. The commerce the revenue the jobs, we are at the epicenter of goods movement. We are a key player. What moves through Long Beach and Los Angeles ports moves along Inland roadways east. I say rather than stop progress we need to be at the forefront of this exploding logistics environment.”





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