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  • Esmeralda Vasquez
    commented 2022-10-28 03:51:29 -0700
    Our schools are not safe for our kids! Our kids with disabilities are getting bullied. Kids are posting these incidents on the Internet tagging the schools and laughing about it! This is not ok! Something needs to be done! Enough is enough we need to change Mayor!
  • Cynthia Valencia
    commented 2020-09-30 13:47:24 -0700
    Dear Mayor your work and dedication is admirable. We will forever be thankful for your representation of the city and thank you graciously that you came to our grand opening. The owners of CARFAM would like to continue contributing to the city of Rialto. How can we set a meeting with you to talk about future endeavors?
  • Cindy Nemecek
    commented 2020-09-22 07:24:10 -0700
    Dear Mayor Robertson,

    I have your sign in my yard, and am anxiously awaiting your position on Prop 15. With the Heroes Act blocked in the Senate, our essential services and schools desperately need this funding that so many other states use. It only affects commercial properties over 3 million and excludes residential. I hope you will make sure our communities are taken care of and come out strongly and publicly to support this long overdue, more than fair measure.


    Rialto Resident of 20 years.
  • Adair Buckner
    commented 2020-09-13 18:33:11 -0700
    Please place a re-elect Mayor Robertson sign onto my front lawn
  • Hardy Brown
    commented 2020-09-08 22:50:24 -0700
  • Anonymous
    commented 2020-05-04 18:00:12 -0700
    Please please open Rialto before people go crazy! We need to get back to work!! This has gone on way to far! Many are fine and healthy. If someone is sick they need to stay home but the majority are fine.
  • Erlinda Patterson
    commented 2020-03-12 15:16:25 -0700
    Dear Mayor

    Let’s do a Informative Program on Rialto Network, 15 minutes on the subject COVID-19 right away?