Political Cliff Notes - May 2023

Political Cliff Notes - May 2023

Mayor Robertson here! This is a new way for me to share community correspondence and events for the City of Rialto as well as personal developments of my own.

Political Cliff Notes was designed to be informative not only for residents but for my supporters of mine. We will appreciate your read, engagement, and support by sharing this newsletter with a friend (or two) to make sure you and others are informed about upcoming events and press releases surrounding the city. Happy read!

Mayor Deborah Robertson

Recap - Earth to Table 

From Earth to Table is an event that strives to present the importance of water conservation, a necessity for Mayor Deborah Robertson. The mayor welcomed over 800 3rd graders from Rialto School District at the Rialto Civic Center encourages on April 19th. From there, children were educated about becoming more water-wise at home and ways to conserve environmentally. Thank you to all of the schools who participated this year, you truly make it a success.

Mayors Water Challenge 2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in taking the pledge into year-long action. Your hands-on water-saving projects around your home and in our community truly show how much impact we have when we come together. Because of waterwise home projects, beautification projects, and community projects, we were able to place Number 6 in the nation! This is a major accomplishment and we want to thank everyone who made this possible. 

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